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Azure Media allows upload or delete files directly in Azure Blob Storage.


You can access to component from Componentes -> Azure Media menu.

Here you will can to see files and directories hosted in the configured Container.


If you are familiar with the Joomla! The configuration options of the component will not be unknown and you can consult the help of these in the official help, with the difference of these options:


Settings - Azure Media


  • Account: Azure account's name
  • Domain: domain URL. This option will allow customize the URL of the files. Keep in mind the following rules when configuring it:
    • the domain name must be the same bucket name (Bucket name: Domain:
    • if you use a subdomain, for the custom URL works, you should use only a single subdomain, for instance: Two subdomains ( won't allow the correct use of the custom URL
    • you must to write the full URL, including the protocol (http or https) without the slash (/) at the end
  • Protocol of the S3 URL: defines whether the http or https protocol is used for the URL. This configuration is effective if a domain is not used
  • Container: container's name. It is equivalent to the name of the directory where the images are stored
  • Account Key: secret key provided by Azure when configuring the container

To use a custom URL with Azure Blob Storage, it is recommended to follow this Microsoft guide:

View of the component

Files and directories - Azure Media

The component view is similar to the image manager of Joomla!


To upload, press the Upload button located in the upper left, this area is known as a toolbar:

Toolbar - Azure Media

The functions are:

  • Upload: Opens hidden element for uploading files
  • Create new folder: Opens hidden element for creating directories
  • Delete: deletes selected files and directories. If the directories are not empty, it will not allow to delete them
  • Search: search for files and directories
  • Forum: go to support forum
  • Help: Display this help
  • Options: configure the component


Like the Joomla! Image manager, Azure Media has a thumbnail view and a detail view.

Thumbnails view:

Thumbnails view - Azure Media
This view contains previews of images and icons for subfolders


Details view:


Details view - Azure Media
This view contains more details about the files. The benefit of this view is the additional information about the files, dimensions: width x height in pixels (px) and file size: actual disk size of the files.

Upload files

Click on the Upload button. A form is displayed with a button to choose the image from your local computer.

Upload file form

The maximum file size depends on the size you have set in the component configuration as well as the maximum size allowed on your web server. To upload the file, just click on the Start Upload button.


  • You can upload several files at the same time. Select the ones you want to upload and click Start Upload.
  • The maximum size can be modified from the configuration of the component or from the php.ini file of your server.

Create Directories

To create a directory or subdirectory (a directory within a directory) click on the Create new folder button. It will show a form to create the directory. Navigate to the directory where you want to create the folder and click on the Create Folder button.

Create Directory - Azure Media




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